Friday, 30 January 2015

Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival - part 9

There were a lot of bags.  I wish I'd taken more photos!  The ones that appealed to us most were those with more than a hint of boromono.

Also those made in vintage indigo fabrics.

Or those with animal elements - this dog bag was amazing.

We had another site down after seeing the bags, although the plastic flooring laid over the baseball pitch wasn't as tiring to walk on as the thin carpet on solid concrete which is the best that most UK shows manage.  This demo was being relayed via several large TV screens - a very good idea.  Maybe Festival of Quilts should think of trying this?  It is always difficult to make a demo area where more than a handful of quilters can really see what the demonstrator is doing.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Tokyo International Great Quilt Show - part 8

'Original Design' is the category closest to 'Contemporary' at Festival of Quilts, although it also included pictorial quilts.  Once again, all the quilts were quite large.  I'm not sure what the minimum size requirement is.

I remember this quilt being more cream coloured (must adjust the colour balance on my photos!)  The machine quilting is very simple. 

Staying with a musical theme... but with more complex quilting. Very simple machine quilting seemed to be more common than free motion quilting.

Very heavily textured raw edge appplique.  This was one of the smaller quilts.

The greens in this quilt were so lush, all in raw edge machine applique.

There were quite a few quilts made from antique/vintage Japanese fabrics, not just in the 'Wa' category. 

Cats with very contented expressions.

I love the combination of vintage fabrics with 'word' fabrics.

And the sashiko borders of course.  One of my favourites.  If I'd been judging, this might have been my Judge's Choice.

I'm guessing this cable car pictorial quilt was done from a pixellated photo.  It reminded me of our trip on the Hakone Ropeway the previous Saturday.

The squares looked about only 1cm.

Stunning hand applique.  It really was that green...

More cats.  I like their expressions.  Wish I could read the text too.

The circles were gauze (silk?) raw edge appliques.

Some interesting use of broderie anglaise fabrics here.

Simple sashiko and big stitch accents.

This quilt also reminded me of Saturday's travels, on the Hakone Tozan moutain railway, although the scenery for us wasn't quite so mountainous.  The fabrics are mostly vintage kimono silks.

I wish the labels had had romaji, at least for the quilter's names.  If anyone can help with romaji, please let me know.