Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Sashiko workshop at Edinburgh Patchwork next Saturday

The photo above isn't my workshop sample - I'm still stitching that - but it shows you another design on the same theme.  My pine, plum and bamboo panel for the class has bigger plum blossoms and is inside a traditional snowflake outline.

- Sashiko workshop on Saturday 3rd December at Edinburgh Patchwork.

I've got just four places left - anyone interested? We will be learning a traditional method of making templates by paper folding, with the choice of making either a pine, plum and bamboo panel ('sho chiku bai' or the three friends of winter, a New Year design) or a cherry blossom and fan panel - or you can mark up both. We will be stitching with coloured threads too.  Please contact me asap via my website if you would like to come.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Reiko Domon of Yuza Sashiko Guild wins award

We had some exciting news via Reiko Domon's brother in law Yasui Tokumasa last week.  Her quilts have won the Minister of Education Award at the Japan Handcraft Association's exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.  The photo above shows Reiko (left) at the exhibition with her sister Shoko and one of her winning quilts, which I am sure many of you will recognise from earlier blog posts.

Izumi Sato posted the newspaper cutting above on Facebook.

Congratulations Reiko!  Her work is superb.

When Yuza Sashiko showed their work at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show in 2014, Reiko included this quilt.

Details of her amazing sashiko stitching.  Reiko has taken traditional hitomezashi patterns from Yuza-machi but arranged them to fan outwards in circles.

Her adaptation of traditional sashiko in this way is so beautiful.  You need to understand how the patterns work very well to be able to play with them like this.

Yuza Sashiko will also be exhibiting work at the Yamagata Exhibition of Excellence (Yamagata no Iimono Tenji) on Saturday.  I hope someone will post photos from that too.

Monday, 14 November 2016

West Country Quilt Show - part 2

Here are a small selection of some of the work I liked at the show.  For most of them, I've been able to upload a detail photo showing the quilter's information about their work.  The photo wouldn't upload for a couple of them.  There were some excellent individual and group galleries at this show, but I didn't have enough power left on the camera battery to photograph everything I wanted.   Especially if you like contemporary and modern quilts, this show has a lot to offer and is really worth a visit.  Next year, it will be in September, before the university opens for the Autumn term, so parking will be easier.  Enjoy!

These pots and vessels are by Gillian Travis - 

By Lesley Brankin, with images of Malvern -