Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Fanoe II - in yukata cottons

100% vintage Japanese yukata cottons, some produced using chusen stencilling, with a few printed and one woven, for a remake of my Fanoe quilt.  I will have the pattern available at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Edinburgh this week and the quilt top on show.  Eventually it will be hand quilted.  After getting the borders on today (a bit delayed due to an eye problem which lost me a couple of days of being able to see properly), the weather was really a bit too windy to take a photo outside, so Glyn ended up having to pin the quilt to the garage wall (luckily, it is wooden), so the quilt top didn't take off!  I am very pleased with how it has worked out.  Using large scale prints really adds to this design.  The first version was red and white but I always planned to make it in blues.

The Knitting and Stitching Show at Edinburgh for the first time

Tomorrow afternoon will look something like this, as we set up for the first Knitting and Stitching Show at Edinburgh, which opens on Thursday and runs until Sunday.  Lots to do today to get ready!

The latest issue of Today's Quilter goes on sale in the shops on April 28th.  

I don't have a new quilt in this one but there's a great supplement this time, all about world textiles and featuring articles by and about many of our World Textile Day traders, including me.  I'm saving my copy for bedtime reading while I'm at the show.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Llandudno AGM weekend

We had a brilliant time at The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles AGM and conference weekend, also known as 'A Celebration of Quilts'.  It seemed to go very quickly!  The photo above was made by Glyn moving one of DeAnne's quilts a bit fast, but I liked the effect.

This year had some excellent speakers and we tried to get to most of the lectures.  Magie Relph of the African Fabric Shop gave the first talk on Friday, 'African Threads'.

Our next speaker was DeAnne Hartwell-Jones, who does all her work by hand and has made several quilts using the 1718 Coverlet blocks, which she also teaches.

More of DeAnne's work.  The piece above was inspired by an iron foundry and used a few of my tsumugi stripes.

I spotted some of my tsumugi striped cotton in this patchwork too.

A version of my Super Strips quilt hanging next to the stairwell.  I can't remember who made this but I think it was begun in one of my Super Strips workshops in North Wales.

This is Dot Sherlock's version of Super Strips, started in the very first workshop at Gresford.  It is longarm quilted and the finished strips are just 3/4in wide.

We didn't bring this home - Bernina 720.  Lovely machine.

We went to the gala dinner this year.  The after dinner speaker was Lynne Edwards MBE, who had us in stitches (excuse pun) with her tales of her experiences as a quilting teacher.



I think this was the best food I have ever had at the gala dinner.   We had the vegetarian option, wild mushroom and spinach lattice.  The previous night, a big group of us went to Wetherspoons - you have to have fish & chips at the seaside.


More food related photos - the dining room at our hotel.  We stayed at the Hydro, a huge late Victorian (Edwardian?) hotel near the convention centre.  The dining room had a lot of Art Nouveau decoration.

The four stained glass ship windows across the front of the dining room.

Nothing very ornate in the skip though.

On Sunday, our first speaker was Effie Galletly.

The second speaker was Pauline Burbidge.  Her exhibition is opening at Ruthin Craft Centre on 23rd April.

Unfortunately we didn't have a good end to the weekend, as our car was shunted as we waited to go onto the roundabout at Junction 19 on the A55.  We all seem to have minor whiplash (I hope that's all!)

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

QGBI AGM and conference next weekend in Llandudno

The Quilters' Guild of the British Isles (QGBI) AGM and Conference will be held at Llandudno this weekend.  The last time it was there was 2005 and I think it may have been the first time I showed the sashiko sampler from 'The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook' in the Region 13 exhibition which was held in a separate hall.  I can't find a photo of it there so this one is from the last Loch Lomond quilt show in 2013.

I have just started the blocks for my next sampler and I'm aiming for 150 designs, including as many variations of asanoha (hemp leaf) I can find.  I will be demoing the basic asanoha pattern at the conference weekend on Saturday afternoon.

The weekend is only open to members of the Quilters' Guild and has to be pre booked.  It is a really enjoyable event and I have made so many friends through the Guild over the years, I'm starting to loose count!  Looking foward to what will be (I think!) my eighth conference weekend.  The first time I went was Eastbourne in 2001, then Southport, Torquay, Llandudno, Eastbourne (again), Dundee and Harrogate. Some years I've had other events that clash, but we enjoyed the Harrogate weekend last year so much and next year's will be a bit long distance for us (Torquay).  The event moves around the country, so every few years there will be a conference fairly close to home.

UPDATE -  An announcement from the QGBI on Facebook this morning -

If you live near Llandudno we have a one-off shopping opportunity for you!
On Saturday 16th April our Conference Traders will be open to the public from 9.30 - 11.30, admission £3.00. 

Traders will include African Fabrics, Barnyarns Ltd, Castle Court Quilters,Colourcraft C&A Ltd, Jaycotts Sewing Machines, Quilter’s Needs, Silken Strands, Stitch Allsorts, Textile Traders and The Fallen Angel Company.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Kogin zashi on NHK World

NHK World 'On Demand' service has some interesting programmes.  At the moment, you can watch an episode of 'Design Talks Plus' called 'Design Hunting in Aomori'. I don't know how long it will be available, so if you want to watch it, click the link now.

It features koginzashi, showing some of the collection of mother and daughter Akiko and Maiko Ishita.  It also shows how kogin is stitched and visits the Kogin Institute in Hirosaki.

Other items in the programme include a look at the work of printmaker and painter Shiko Munakata, including archive footage of him cutting printing blocks.


His work drew on the imagery of the Nebuta festival in Aomori (Neputa in Hirosaki).



Bunako is another local craft shown in the programme, creating three dimensional forms from ribbon-like strips of beechwood.



If you're interested in Japan, you will find a lot of excellent viewing on NHK World.