Thursday, 28 July 2016

Today's Quilter sashiko special supplement - sneak peek!

I've had a look at the pdf files for the sashiko supplement, due out on August 18th, and it is looking really good.  There are three complete projects - Koi scroll, Marumon (framed below) and Ranru.

All three projects were featured in 'Japanese Sashiko Inspirations', which is currently out of print, so it's a good chance to get your hands on these patterns.  Ranru is also in 'Simple Sashiko', but not the other two - they are a bit more complicated!

The history section from '...Inspirations' is included...

Plus a great sashiko gallery selected from both 'The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook' and '...Inspirations', including sashiko works by Yuza Sashiko Guild members as well as me.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Today's Quilter will have the large sashiko sampler from '...Ultimate...' displayed on their stand at Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham.  If you take out a subscription during the show, you'll get the sashiko special to take home with you too, in advance of it arriving in the shops.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Today's Quilter Sashiko Special supplement

The next issue of Today's Quilter magazine will feature a sashiko special with my designs, and they will be displaying my sampler from 'The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook' on their stand at Festival of Quilts.  The sampler went off on its travels yesterday.  The photo above shows it at the Loch Lomond Quilt Show in 2014.

This is the quilt at Yuza Sashiko Guild's exhibition at the Sanno Club in Sakata in September 2014.

It has been to a few exhibitions over the last decade, including Region 13's exhibition at The Boat Museum, Ellesmere Port, in 2005 -

And the Region 13 exhibition at Quilters' Guild's Llandudno AGM the same year.  I also use it a lot when I'm teaching, so you may have seen it at a workshop.  It is quite a large and very heavy quilt, so I haven't taken it on European teaching trips yet.

September quilt shows A heads up re the venues for the Great Northern Quilt Show and the Scottish Quilt Championships. The GNQS will be in the new hall at the showground at Harrogate.  The photo above was when we were in the temporary pavilion last year, which was actually very good.  I'm looking forward to seeing the new hall.  There's some photos in this slideshow on the showground's website.

The SQC will be in the Lowland Hall this year - the old MacRobert Pavilion (with the awful access issues) has been demolished! Here is a link to the Lowland Hall floorplan. It looks like it is all on the one level - brilliant. So if access issues were putting you off coming to the Scottish Quilt Championships or the Spring Quilt Festival in Edinburgh, it will now be in a better venue, but on the same site.  You can still enter your quilt for the SQC - the closing date for entry forms is August 1st.

Last year in the old pavilion, my stand backed onto the stairs at the February show... often a chilly spot...


And specially for Glyn's 'fan club', a photo of him on his first ever visit to a quilt show, at the Spring Quilt Festival in February 2010.  This is the only photo I could find that shows a little bit of the rest of the MacRobert Pavilion space.  Little did Glyn know what he might be getting into!


Sunday, 24 July 2016

Sunday downpour at No.1

We had rain like monsoon this afternoon.  Like in January and again a few weeks ago while I was teaching, the drains couldn't cope and the drive started to flood.  On 25th June after my class in Dunfermline, we came back to find evidence that the drive had flooded in our absence, leaving a layer of mud and a tide mark on the Fiat's wheels (we went in the Micra), plus a trail of mud on the road which showed where the water comes from - the estate drive lane opposite, where it runs off the two big fields on either side.

Where the floodwater flowed - lots of dried silt.

The tide mark on the garage ramp.

If we hadn't already smashed down the side of the drive to improvise a drain into our little field back in January, the water would have got higher than this.  In January, I needed wellies to get to rescue the Micra, as the water was more than ankle deep. This is the tide mark on the Fiat's wheels.

Yesterday, I could take some videos.


This is a link to the video showing where the drain actually backs up -


The council is going to alter the drain in October, but something needs to be done before then.

Another, slightly longer clip of Glyn unblocking the drain a bit with a piece of wood.  This was too long to upload directly onto my blog.

UPDATE - 26/07/16 - Great news - Perth and Kinross Council have arranged for the gully and pipe cleaned out this Friday, and there's also a manhole about 30 metres away that they are going to clean out as well.  Hopefully this will keep things manageable until October.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Time and Again on Orkney - quilts progress

I have had these photos for about a week but haven't got around to posting them until now, so the quilts came along much quicker than the date on my blog post suggests.  The one at the top is Barbara Morrison's version of Time and Again, layered and ready to quilt.  I'm not sure if she was hand or machine quilting it. The block centres are all the same fabric, with a black and white kanji print.

The second quilt is the one Gina Patterson made, using a Bali Pop in the 'Sparrow' colourway.  The block centres are all the same, with a Japanese style metallic print of tiny cranes flying in all directions.  She cut the applique flowers from the same fabric and added larger applique cranes before she did the amazing machine quilted motifs on each block.  Strictly speaking, this is my 'Irori' design which uses the same block as Time and Again, as it uses that layout.  These two quilts are very different in terms of colour, which goes to show how versatile the block and pattern are.

Around Orkney - colours

Here are a few more photos from my trip to Orkney almost a month ago.  The stone at the top is one of the Stones of Stenness- a very interesting shape.  Orkney was full of beautiful colours and shapes.

Lovely evening colours at the Broch of Gurness.

A boat glimpsed down a narrow lane in Stromness (Glyn took this photo).

Cotton grass and wild flowers near the Ring of Brodgar, with Hoy in the background.

Lichen on stone, Ring of Brodgar.

Patterns in stone, Ring of Brodgar.

Wild flowers and heather outside the Ring of Brodgar.

Maes Howe burial mound.

The Stones of Stenness.

Purplish grasses at Barnhouse village and the Loch of Harray.