Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Spinning Squares quilt in Today's Quilter

Spinning Squares, which has been around for a while as a workshop design, finally got written up as a pattern, and appears in the latest edition of Today's Quilter magazine, which will be in the shops in the next few days (subscription copies will have already arrived).

It makes unusual use of a layer cake, and a feature fabric border.  If you look through other posts tagged 'Spinning Squares' using the label cloud on the right, you can see some of the workshop versions.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Love boro - my boro bag FREE pattern download

The V&A have got my boro bag project from 'Patchwork and Quilting: A Maker's Guide' as a free download on their website.  I've added the link to my homepage.  Have fun!

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Fiona's sashiko sampler

Fiona Fitheridge posted a photo of the progress on her sashiko sampler on Facebook today.  She's putting the borders on at the moment.  The subtle touches of colour in the stitching are matched in the border stripe and it's looking great.

The Peacock and the Tortoise have announced dates for my next sashiko course there and it begins on Thursday 8th March.  The current course group there finish in February and, as our classes are mostly fortnightly they are now slightly ahead of the Stockton-on-Tees and Edinburgh group, so they are keeping me on my toes!

For next year's Stockton course, I'm looking at Saturdays rather than Tuesdays, as I had quite a few people this year who would have liked to come but couldn't due to work or other commitments during the week.  I haven't finalised dates yet, as these will need to work around next year's quilt show dates, but hope to have them ready soon.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Alcove update

Remember this window alcove?

It is now the home of my Singer 13k treadle sewing machine.  The space still needs redecorating, but at least the sewing machine is now where it should be (photo later).

We also did a bit of photography for a new project last Sunday, when it was really sunny.  There have been some beautiful autumn days.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Books and Book sizes

My previous books have been designed and published by various book packagers and publishers and so are in various different sizes.  I wonder which size readers like best?  Next time, I want to self publish and will be doing all the layouts myself. Because of the size limitations of Word for Mac 2011 (which includes most of the features in Publisher for PC), I won't be able to go up to the size of 'The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook', as I need to include 3mm all round for trimming the pages and the widest page available in Word is already 8.5in.  The smallest book is 'Compendium of Quilting Techniques' (also published in the same size as '200 Quilting Tips Techniques and Trade Secrets'), at 19 x 24.6 cm/7.5 x 9.68in.  This is the narrowest one, with the smallest page size.

The paperback version of 'Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match' is 22.2cm/8.74in square, as are my other square format books.  This is too wide v available page sizes for adding crop marks, and I don't want the limitations of the square format this time anyway.

The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook is 8.5 x 11in, too big to add the crop marks in Word, and quite a big page size.

'Simple Sashiko' is fairly similar in size to most Japanese sashiko books, at 19.3 x 26.3cm/7.59 x 10.35in.  Japanese books are often around this size - I measured one for comparison and it was 7.5in wide x 10 1/8in, fractionally smaller.

I hope to go for a covered spiral binding for the next sashiko book, so the book can be laid flat to follow the instructions (NB - this can't apply to any Amazon print-on-demand copies, as they only do a glued binding).  I think it would be good to have a slightly smaller page size, as then the book is a bit more portable and easier to tuck into a bag.  Comments?

Patricia Belyea's book bundle giveaway - the winner

The winner of the book bundle giveaway for 'East Meets West Quilts' is Lynda Payne, who liked and commented on the post on my Facebook artist page.  Congratulations!

I drew the winner using an online random number generator, and combined all the names from the blog comments and Facebook into a numbered list first, then added the numbers, and ran the random number generator.  Lynda was no. 18.